Established in 2015, Mayer Elliot represents a non-brick-and-mortar jewelry design and manufacturing brand. Utilizing conscious design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, Mayer Elliot is pushing the boundaries within the jewelry culture. Jewelry done differently means creating a brand that brings forth customization and attention to detail in every process while utilizing the Earth's finest materials. Mayer Elliot connects a comprehensive understanding of fine jewelry with every aspect of the craft; materials, design and manufacturing.
Mayer Elliot was founded by Mayer Alexander Krigel, a third generation jeweler who was raised around the jewelry industry. Mayer quickly became acquainted with the craft at a young age, surrounded by prominent designers and pivotal figures in the jewelry industry. With an attention to detail and a creative drive, Mayer quickly made his way from assistant to starting his own concept that he views as an extension of himself and a new branch within the jewelry design culture.
Mayer Elliot